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Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer



Nine women, aged nineteen to thirty-six, were strangled and left along the highways circling New Bedford in 1988. All had led troubled lives, highlighted by drug addiction. Veteran reporter Maureen Boyle spins a riveting narrative about the crimes, the victims and the hunt for the killers, all played out against the backdrop of a historic fishing community beset by drugs and crime. Shallow Graves takes the reader behind the scenes of the investigation, onto the streets of the city and into the homes of the families hoping for answers.

The Ghost: The Murder of Police Chief Greg Adams and the Hunt for His Killer


Black Lyon Publishing/2021

​June 2021

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania Police Chief Greg Adams stopped an out-of-state car just blocks from the police station weeks before Christmas in 1980. What he didn't know was the driver was a low-level mobster named Donald Webb from Southeastern Massachusetts wanted for a robbery in New York.

Within minutes, the chief in this small Pennsylvania borough would be in a losing fight for his life and the killer would disappear.

Now, it would be up to the federal and state investigators to find the killer.

But as the decades passed in the search, authorities learned some secrets can be kept.

child last seen cover final.jpg
Child Last Seen:


Black Lyon Publishing

May 2023​

On an unseasonably warm winter evening in Pennsylvania, 15-year-old Patty Desmond sneaked out through the basement of her house. She had a history of running away, and that, coupled with an argument with her mother, gave police reason to suspect she'd come home in a week or two.

The year was 1965. That night was the last time her family ever saw her.

As decades crept by, reality sunk in: Patty was never coming back. Then a tiny crack unleashed a flood of information, and a mystery never quite forgotten was solved.

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