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  • Maureen Boyle

Learning with each story

I used to think I would never need to know a second language. Then I found myself trying to interview a young Guatemalan man who escaped a fire.

I used to think I would never need to know geology or chemistry. Then I found myself covering stories about arsenic and gasoline contamination in groundwater.

I used to think I would never need to know the intricacies of archeology. Then I found myself writing about young archeologists uncovering the remains of a teenager decades after she went missing.

Education is lifelong. What you don't know is what you likely will need to know in writing, whether it is for a news outlet or a book. What you discover is all those subjects you disliked so many years ago in school are now fascinating. Maybe it has something to do with not being graded on your knowledge. Learning something for the sake of learning is rewarding. And sometimes it unexpectedly comes in handy.

Knowing a little bit about everything is what important. Learn about the music. Learn about writing. Learn about films. Learn science. Learn languages. Learn about business. Learn about computers. And know history because it does repeat itself.

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