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  • Maureen Boyle

Looking back, moving forward

There are too many painful anniversaries for the families of the women lost in New Bedford in 1988.

There is the anniversary of the disappearance.

The anniversary of the the discovery.

The anniversary of the identification.

Each date spans months across the year. Each date brings renewed sorrow. Each date is a reminder of what is gone. Each date is a reminder that justice is still lacking.

December is the cruelest time, though. . It is the month when most of the women who went missing in 1988 and were found near local highways were finally identified. It is the month when many learned their daughter, mother, sister was officially dead. Some of the women were found during the summer, some weeks or a month earlier. It is in December, though, when it all became a reality.

Eleven women went missing between March and September of 1988. Nine were found dead along or near local highways surrounding New Bedford. Two women have yet to be found.

Remember of these women lost in 1988 this holiday season. Remember their families. Remember the killer has still not been identified. Remember justice needs to be done.

If you have information on who the killer is, please contact the Bristol County District Attorney's Office in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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