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  • Maureen Boyle

Remembering Nancy

It was brutally hot the day two men on motorcycles stopped along Interstate 195 west and stepped into the brush to relieve themselves. It was there, not far into the brush line, they discovered the remains of a woman. No one knew at the time it was the mother of two who had been missing just a few weeks. That identification would come months later, even though her family had already reported her missing to police.

Nancy Lee Paiva went missing July 7, 1988. She was found July 30, 1988. She was finally identified in December of 1988. She was one of eleven women who went missing that summer. Nine were found dead. Two others, presumed dead, have not been found.

Nancy was the mother of two girls, the daughter of two hard-working parents, the sister of a city employee. She graduated high school, enrolled in a secretarial program, worked a wide-range of jobs in the city. Photos of her always show her laughing. Her family remembers her joy. That is what they will never forget. That is what was taken from them.

Someone knows who killed Nancy Paiva in July of 1988. Someone needs to come forward. Her family - and all the families of the dead - deserve that. Nancy's life mattered.

Call the Bristol County District Attorney's Cold Case Unit or message me and I will pass on your info.


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