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The book stacks around the house

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Or how many books can you read at the same time

There are stacks in the family room, stacks in the living room, even more in the corner of the bedroom and in the sunroom. And don't even talk about the pile in my home office. Books I've read. Books I want to read. Books I need to read. Books I bought because, well, I was in a bookstore, after all. Books given as gifts.

The subjects range from true-crime to sorta romance to mystery to horror to thriller to social justice to history to fantasy. There are even a few cookbooks (those who know me aren't surprised that those remain in the TBR pile).

There are never enough bookshelves to hold them all. There aren't enough walls for all the bookcases needed. That's why our books, like animals at the shelter, are rehomed with friends quite often. Given to others who also have so many books in every room with too few bookcases and too few walls for more shelves. Given to others who are friends of books. Our true friends.

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