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Topics Under the Stairs podcast, Aug. 21, 2023 listen here

"After 35 years, New Bedford Highway Killings remain unsolved," by Barry Richards, March 29, 2023 read here 

'Fall River' is a compelling TV series on a Satanic cult by Dan Medeiros, Herald News of Fall River, May 16, 2021 read here

Hollywood Gossip Online, 'Fall River' Review 2021  read here

How long did it take to write? by Maureen Boyle, Books by Women April 10, 2021 read here

Celebrate National Authors Day with these 12 authors from around the Southcoast, by Kristina Fontes, The Taunton Daily Gazette, Nov. 1, 2021 read here

"Hot Cases, Hot Courses," Stonehill College, 2021 read here 

"Secrets: True Crime Writing," by Marilou Newell, The Wanderer, April 4, 2022 read here


Chris McCarthy and Marcus Ferro show, WBSM Radio 1420, June 26, 2023, listen here

"True Crime Tuesday by Darkness Radio" podcast with host Tim Dennis, "Child Last Seen: The Search for Patty Desmond," June 20, 2023, listen here 

"Missing" podcast with Crawlspace hosts Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna, June 15, 2023, listen here

"Local girl's murder detailed in book," by Paula Grubbs, The Butler Eagle, June 14, 2023, read here

"House of Mystery" podcast with Alan Warren, June 13, 2023, listen here

"Revenge of the Teaching Gods," Jungle Red Writers, June 10, 2023 read here

"New book details 1960s disappearance and murder of Renfrew girl," Butler Radio, June 9, 2023 read here

"Who killed..." podcast with Bill Huffman, June 2023, listen here



"Friday Morning Coffee," Writer's Bone podcast with Daniel Ford, Jan. 14, 2022, listen here

"Best Books of 2021,"  by Daniel Ford, Writers Bone, Dec. 29, 2021, read here

"The Ghost tracks cop killer from Pennsylvania to Southeastern Massachusetts, " by Donna Whitehead, The Easton Journal, Sept.  24, 2021 read here

"Secrets, serial killers and mob heists: True crime stories of New England," by Kyle Stucker, USA Today Network, Sept. 16, 2021 read here

"Author Maureen Boyle is writing about true crimes with a New Bedford Connection," by Linda Roy, The Standard-Times of New Bedford (MA), Sept 15, 2021 read here

Watch WPRI-TV Providence Newsmakers with host Tim White, July 30, 2021 here

Read and listen to WBSM Townsquare Sunday interview and story by Jim Phillips here

Listen to "Who Killed...?" podcast by Bill Huffman, May 14, 2021 here

"Secrets" by Maureen Boyle, Books by Women May 16, 2021 read here

Monday Night Talk with Kevin Tocci, WATD 95.9 FM, June 7, 2021

True Murder podcast with Dan Zupansky, June 2021 listen here

House of Mystery Radio on NBC podcast with Alan Warren listen here

"'Discovery of ex-fugitive Donald Webb remains subject of new book," by Sandra Quadros Bowles, June 20, 2021 read here

Watch Community Chat with Kevin Tocci, June 2021 here 

Listen to the Howie Carr show with guest host Taylor Cormier, July 6, 2021 here

"Massachusetts author pens book about the death of Chief Greg Adams: Murder Mystery," by Eric Freehling, The Butler (PA) Eagle, July 11, 2021 read here

Listen to WISR, interview with host Tracey Morgan, July 16, 2021 here

"New Book Details Police Chief Murder in Saxonburg," by Tyler Friel, Butler Radio Network, July 16, 2021 read here

Watch slideshow by 16056 Area Insight of South Butler Library presentation, July 17, 2021, here

Watch Today's Author with host Kevin Tocci, July 2021 here


Listen to Crime Beat with host Ron Chepesiuk, May 2024 here

Read "Everyone has a theory: The terrifying serial killer who killed at least nine women - and got away with it" by Sheila Flynn, The Independent February 8, 2022 here

Listen to Crawlspace - True Crime and Mysteries, February 2, 2022 here

Watch WBZ-TV with Cheryl Fiandanca "New Bedford Highway Serial Killings remain unsolved 30 years later," Feb. 11, 2021 here

Read the New York Daily News story about Shallow Graves here

Watch WJAR-TV Investigates by Tim White here

Read Behind the Scenes of Shallow Graves by Lauren Daley here

Read SoCo Magazine "Chasing Truth Across Time" by Leah Dearborn here

Listen to "Who Killed..." podcast by Bill Huffman, April 2, 2021  here

Watch Daytime WFLA syndicated morning show with Jerry Penacoli here

Read Rhode Island Monthly,  “Read these local books,” by Amanda Levenson, November 2017

Read Stonehill Alumni Magazine, Thirty Years Later: Still Unsolved by Tracy Palmer, Spring 2019

Read The Potential to Solve the New Bedford Serial Killer case here by Chris McCarthy Jan. 29, 2020

Listen to WBUR 90.0 Boston,  Radio Boston here with host Deborah Becker, Oct. 25, 2017

Read Herald News story by Peter Jasinski, March 1, 2020

Listen to Who Killed…? podcast by Bill Huffman

Listen to the Boston Herald Radio interview here

Listen to Writer’s Bone podcast here  April 4, 2018

Read The Sun (UK) “On The Loose,” by Josie Griffith, Oct. 17, 2017

Watch Ten Best True Crime Books

Listen to Jim Harold Crime Scene podcast, Nov. 3, 2017

Listen to Mind’s Eye Podcast here, Oct. 19, 2017

Watch and listen to WBSM-AM 1420 radio interview with Christopher McCarthy,  August 27, 11 a.m.

Read Standard-Times of New Bedford   “Former S-T reporter’s book explores Highway Killings”, by Curt Brown, Sept. 2, 2017

Listen to Easton (MA) Community  Access Television April 2018 podcast here

Read Newport  (R.I) Daily News, “With new book, author recounts investigation of New Bedford Highway Serial Killer,” by Matt Sheley, Dec. 18, 2017

Watch and listen to WBSM-1420 Radio with Christopher McCarthy, Dec. 14, 2017

Read the Patriot Ledger of Quincy, MA, “Victims of serial killer ‘need justice,’ author tells Scituate audience,” by Trea Lavery, Jan. 14, 2018

Read WBSM review by Christopher McCarthy May 9, 2019

Listen Spooky Southcoast, July 2018

Listen Jim Paris ShowAugust 12, 2018

Listen to Genesis in the Zone with Ian Kahanwitz, November 29, 2018

Read Southcoast Today, April 29, 2019

Listen to True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers with host Dan Zupansky August 1, 2019

Listen to Who Killed? podcast by Bill Huffman, Jan. 31, 2020

Listen to Boston Confidential podcast  December 2020

Listen to Killer Babes  podcast April 2020

Listen to True Murder podcast

Read Quiet Fury Books Review by Darcia Helle, October 2018

Read The Irregular Reader blog, January 6, 2018

Read "Why has this New Bedford Highway Serial Killer not been caught," by Kendra Ackerman,  Film Daily, September 12, 2021, here



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