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  • Maureen Boyle

Remember the life of Chief Adams

Remember a life lost.

December 4 marks the anniversary of Saxonburg (Pennsylvania) Police Chief Greg Adams' murder, a day the community can never forget. It was on that day the chief made a "routine" car stop in this quaint and close community, just blocks from the police station downtown. But police officers will tell you there are no routine stops. Small, safe towns are not immune to random violence.

On this day in 1980, when the Adams family was preparing for Christmas just weeks away, a Massachusetts man wanted for skipping out on court in New York and apparently was scoping out a jewelry store in town, changed the course of a community.

Donald Webb killed the chief and became a wanted man for decades.

The killer was finally found in 2017, decades after the murder, but the pain and loss felt by the chief's family and the community still lingers.

Remember the chief's life today, remember all that was lost that day and remember all of the investigators who refused to give up the effort to find the killer.

The killer took away a community leader, a top law enforcement official and, most tragically, a father and husband.

Pause on the anniversary of his death Saturday and remember his life.

Pause and remember what could have been.

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